Night Noodle Delight

Noodle Night Market 2013

Night Noodle Market 2013

The Night Noodle Market in Alexandra Gardens finished up tonight and thanks to the good weather it was the perfect end to this first-time Melbourne event. The sun was shining, the skies were blue and the air was filled with a delicious haze from BBQ skewers, noodles and all sorts of Asian delicacies.


Having attempted to visit the Night Noodle Market on Tuesday and being unable to eat anything due to the insanely long lines, I made sure I came as soon as it opened. It didn’t take long for the crowds to draw in though so I had to get around to everything as quickly as possible!


First Stop today was Chin Chin– this place was on my foodie wish list for a while so I was pretty excited to finally try it!

Pork Slider, $9

Pork Slider, $9

Pork Slider was deelish! Soft buns and beautifully cooked pork, so tasty.


You can generally judge how good a place is by the length of the queue. So when I noticed that the biggest line was at Hoy Pinoy I was pleasantly surprised. Filipino food is not a cuisine that is seen around Melbourne very often, let alone at food events like this so it was great seeing the crowd rave over Hoy Pinoy’s skewers. Being half Filipino myself I felt compelled to give them a go and see how they compared to Mum’s cooking.

BBQ Chicken Skewers, $10

BBQ Chicken Skewers, $10

The verdict? Delicious! Perfectly tender and tasty, loved every mouthful.


Third stop was another place I had been meaning to try for some time- Wonderbao. 

Gua Baos- Twice cooked Pork Belly & BBQ Cumin Chicken, $7

Gua Baos- Twice cooked Pork Belly & BBQ Cumin Chicken, $7

The BBQ Cumin Chicken was the winner of the two, so tasty! Pork was also yummy.

Grilled chicken, rice noodles, coriander, yellow bean, $14

Grilled chicken, rice noodles, coriander, yellow bean, $14

My stomach at this stage was beginning to pop but I soldiered on, there was just too much good food to miss out on!

So Longrain it was. The Grilled Chicken Rice Noodles were so good- colourful, fresh and full of flavour. I can’t wait to visit the restaurant to see what else they have on offer.

Ginger Lemon & Mint IceTea, $5

Ginger Lemon & Mint IceTea, $5

It was time for a drink to wash down all the food. Span Thai’s Ginger, Lemon & Mint Ice Tea- so refreshing!

And of course I had to have something sweet to finish off the day.

Chilli Caramel Popcorn, $5

Chilli Caramel Popcorn, $5

So back to Chin Chin it was, to sample their Chilli Caramel Popcorn. Seems like an odd combination but I loved it, it was the perfect end to a fun-filled eating event.

My belly was popping with happiness.


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