Counter Cakes sure Milk the Corn Cakes

Footscray Milking Station, Bunbury St

Footscray Milking Station, Bunbury St

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Footscray Milking Station has been on my foodie wishlist for a while now so I was glad to have finally visited today with my good friend J. Busy as I have heard it gets, it wasn’t a full house this morning. We still had to squeeze ourselves onto the end of the brekkie bench though as there weren’t any tables for two available (I don’t think the waitstaff wanted to give us a bigger table either)


It was more spacious than I expected with plenty of seating out the front of the cafe, inside and also out back in the courtyard. Nonetheless, get in early or visit later in the afternoon as I can imagine it would be busy at peak times.

Corn Cakes (GF), $14

Corn Cakes (GF), $14

As hard as J and I try, we can never seem to shy away from breakfast fritters so it was no surprise that this was our chosen dish to catch up over.

Chai latte, $4

Chai latte, $4

Our food was surprisingly quick, I don’t think we waited more than 15 minutes for it to come out. And it was a bonus that we were sitting right next to the kitchen as we were starrvinnng!

Padre blend, $3.5

Padre blend, $3.5

The latte and Chai were pleasant enough however being a huge fan of Padre Coffee I didn’t find this particular blend as nice as the one I’ve tried at Chicco in Seddon.


I was a little disappointed with the corn cakes (they were very ‘doughy’ and all I could taste was the flour) but not as displeased as J was as there was a hair in her food!

I couldn’t believe this had happened again so soon after my experience at 1000 £ Bend. What’s with the hair in corn fritters lately?! Seems to be the new ingredient going around in this dish.

What was worse was that she didn’t receive a single apology- her plate was simply taken away and replaced with a new one and that was that. We didn’t even get a sorry at the counter when we paid. Pretty abysmal customer service!

Front Counter

Front Counter

Lucky for FMS we were in a forgiving mood and didn’t let it ruin our catch up. We even bought some counter items to take away that we were eyeing off when we first arrived.

Flourless chocolate muffin & Friand, $4

Flourless chocolate muffin & Friand, $4

And they were definitely the highlight of the day, both were delicious- perfectly baked and delectable.

You got out of that one lightly Footscray Milking Station…

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5

Footscray Milking Station
35 Bunbury St, Footscray
Phone: (03) 9029 9240

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 7pm – 3pm

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