Savouring Singapore


Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown, Singapore

The food in Singapore is Unbelievable. 

I have done my fair share of travelling but this gorgeous country makes my mouth water just thinking about it! I would come back here just to eat. Seriously! The food culture in Singapore is amazing and in my opinion it has some of the best eats in the world.

I was lucky enough to spend a week here with my family and discover exactly what was on offer for my belly.

A typical Hawker Centre in Singapore

A typical Hawker Centre in Singapore

Almost all of our amazing food experiences were in Singapore’s Hawker Centres.

This is the main way of dining in here. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, a Hawker Centre is basically the Singaporian equivalent to a food court, much like what we have in our shopping centres. The only difference is that it’s pretty much all Asian cuisine with the exception of a few other specialties.


Everything is delicious and dirt cheap. And I mean dirt cheap- meal sets (meat + rice + soup) start from $2.80! I never spent more than $5 on a meal my entire stay here. Not to mention the portion sizes are very generous. The hardest part is choosing what to eat- there is so much on offer.

Pork on Rice with soup, approx $4.50

Pork on Rice with soup, approx $4.5

Pictured above is a typical meal set that you get in a Hawker Centre. I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and flavours. The Chinese-style pork was succulent and flavoursome and married well with the soup and chilli sauce. Deeeelish.

Did someone say foodie heaven? 

Bulgogi Beef Set

Bulgogi Beef Set, approx $5.8

Most of the food in Singapore is Chinese-inspired, however there are also an abundance of Korean, Filipino and Indian stalls around the CBD as well as your KFCs (I’d advise against eating here!), McDonalds’ and other Western-based outlets.

Pan-fried pork dumplings, approx $3

Pan-fried pork dumplings, approx $3

The best part is that you can’t really go wrong with any of the Hawkers in Singapore, I can’t recall ever having a single mediocre dish here in the week that I visited.  And Hawker centres are practically everywhere- generally on the bottom floor of a shopping complex (which are all over Singapore!) you will find a food court. If you’re after a little more direction click here for a great guide of some of the top ones to visit.

Toast Box, courtesy of

Toast Box, courtesy of

Whenever I walked down the end of my hotel street towards Orchard Rd, a little box-like cafe would always catch my eye. I remember how bright it was from its fresh exterior and how sweet the dining area was- set up with white wooden tables and chairs, it looked like a kitchen in someone’s home! So when I noticed there was more than one of these adorable cafes, I made a point to visit Toast Box before I left Singapore.

Peanut butter thick toast

Peanut butter thick toast

Considering toast is their speciality, I had to see what it was all about. Selecting one from the menu took little to no time at all- Peanut butter on thick toast…I was sold! And holy canoli was I in absolute foodie heaven. They even served it exactly how I love to east toast- all cut up into small pieces. It just melted in my mouth. Best brekkie going around in Singapore, I tell you!

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with that?!


Toast Box also has an array of cakes and desserts as well as some really random savoury dishes like Curry Laksa and stir-fry noodles. But it’s the toast that I would highly recommend if you had to choose.

Durian Icecream

Durian Ice-cream

Durian is very popular in Singapore. This super fragrant tree fruit features on many menu boards here (including McDonalds!) and is available in many forms of food. If you’re not a huge fan like me (the smell is enough to put you off) then maybe tame down with a Durian flavoured ice-cream. It was suprisingly quite pleasant!


If you’re a foodie like me and a lover of Asian cuisines then Singapore is a must-stop destination. Why not do a quick stopover on your next trip to Asia or Europe? You only need a few days to discover the best Singapore has to offer to your palate. And it will cost you next to nothing too.

View of Marina Bay

View of Marina Bay


Tips & Tricks:

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 Contact me for more info on Singapore and/or anything MustardMyKetchup




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