Hi there 🙂

I’m Chris. I’m a 24 year old female food enthusiast residing in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

It’s about time I started a blog!

Right now you could say I’m suffering from some kind of pre quarter-life crisis. I’m nearly in my mid 20s, at a job that doesn’t quite relate to the degree I studied for in uni and I’m feeling pretty misplaced, a little befuddled and just at a loss for where my life is going and what my future holds.

So yeah, you could say I’m a little bit of a lost soul. But if there is one thing that I can be certain of amongst all the haze and confusion, it’s my utter love for food.


I live and breathe the stuff. When I’m in the office staring into space chances are I’m thinking about what’s for dinner…or where my next food destination will be…or why peanut butter is pretty much the best thing in the world. I think about food when I wake up and my bedtime reading basically consists of either adding places to my Wishlist on Urbanspoon and Broadsheet or flicking through my beloved Entertainment book.

Yup, to sum it up food pretty much rules my life. What can I say, I love good food. I enjoy discovering new places to eat, it just excites me. I get a thrill out of eating. It’s my idea of a good time. Which is why I decided to start this blog.

After all, what’s good food if you’ve got no one to share it with?

So please take a look around and check out my posts, I’ve only just started but watch this space, I can’t wait to share my favourite dining experiences with you!


Happy Munching

Chris 🙂

***Please note I am not a professional blogger. I am not paid to review restaurants. M&K is purely a personal site written by me, conveying my own honest opinion. All photographs and content is owned by me (unless otherwise specified)***

Please help support my page by following me! I’d also love to hear your food thoughts and suggestions!

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