When my parents migrated to Australia from Ireland & the Philippines they chose Melbourne as their new home. They bought a flat in St. Kilda, then eventually bought a property in Kingsville, which is where I spent most of my childhood. When I was in year 11 we sold our house and rented in Deer Park for a year until we finally built our current home in Caroline Springs. So I have spent pretty much my whole life in the West, met some of my dearest friends here and experienced some of my best life moments on this side of town.


Which is why I love where I live. Foodwise there has been so much growth which is so exciting if you’re a foodie like me living in the western suburbs. Places like Yarraville and Seddon especially are almost unrecognisable in comparison to a few years back when they were merely inner Western Surburbs on the other side of the Westgate. Now they are lively areas bustling with eager socialites and fellow foodies, harbouring in quirky little cafes and restaurants which have popped up all around the place just waiting to be discovered.

I want to share with you the Best of the West as I don’t feel like there is enough recognition for the culinary delights on this side of town. I want to show you my favourite places, along with my new discoveries so that you can experience the same thrill I get when it comes to good food and good food experiences.

Yummm. Let’s eat.

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